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The Ring

As he stumbled down the alley, a glimmer of light caught his attention. He picked through the accumulated trash, and discovered a beautiful ring, obviously of gold with some kind of a stone inserted in the center. On each side of the stone was some writing followed by what appeared to be an etching of a human skull. The inscription was very small and he therefore couldn't read it. He cleaned the ring on his pants leg and again tried to read the writing. "Damn, I wish I had more light here." he muttered aloud. Instantly a beam of light appeared, shining down on him. At first he thought one of the tenants had turned a flashlight on him. He quickly stuffed the ring in his pocket and attempted to find the source of the light. But try as he may, he couldn't pinpoint the origin. He settled down behind a large garbage container and pulled the ring out for inspection. He was broke and hungry and whispered, “I wish I had something to eat.” Immediately in front of him appeared a a tray of food. He sat perfectly still staring at the food. His mind began to slowly focus on the recent events. He remembered the mysterious light. “Good lord, is this really what I think it is?” “A wishing ring?” “My god, is this a wishing ring?” He thought for a while, recalling some of the stories he had heard about people wishing for something and having the wish come true in a way that was harmful to the wisher. He came to the decision that,”If this is true, I must be very careful what I wish for.” As he scanned the surroundings, he spied an old automobile tire that someone had propped up on a fence. “Okay”, he thought,”This should be safe enough.” He held the ring in his hand and slowly spoke aloud,” I wish for that old tire to fall to the ground.” At first, nothing happened, but then the ground began to shake. Harder and harder and as the ground beginning to roll, buildings began to break apart, bridges swaying, electrical units plummeted to the ground. The old man never got to his feet. The buildings fell on him crushing him to death. Later that day, the television news report indicated the area was struck with an 8.1 earth quake. The tire lay on the ground, untouched by the debris.

The End

changed July 24, 2013